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Bejinariu Catalin

Specialist SEO

Motto: Never give up – Keep going

Catalin is doing what a SEO specialist is used to do, day by day. His goal is that the sites he is taking care of to occupy the best positions in Google search-engine results, after settling down the key-words with the client.His experience in marketing and his analytical spirit helps him get the best results in all the SEO projects he is working for with so much pleasure. He is passionate of online marketing and, because of his autodidact character, he managed to learn and analyse his campaigns correctly. He always identifies the problems and brings relevant and effective solutions for each of the SEO campaigns he is working for, next to the SEO Cupcake specialists. During his experience, he got online promotion abilities, like graphic and web development abilities, besides the SEO abilities.

Love top: Donald Trump, sea-side holidays, friends, football
Alexandru Tanasie

Web Programmer

Motto: Belief is built in years, lost in few seconds and repaired in ages.

Alex likes a lot to be a web developer and the result of his work is always satisfactory for him and his best motivation. He likes being appreciated for the results of his work. Working with the SEO Cupcake team, he can develop interesting and complex projects, which are challenging him to overdraw his limits and to reach the status of the best web developer.

He likes challenges, he believes in the power of continuing learning and he loves discovering new things every day, news from his domain which are now his job. He is passionate and dedicated to the projects for which he is working with the SEO Cupcake team and he never leaves his job unfinished. He has been always determined by his biggest ambition to be the best on what he is doing.

Love top: PHP, football, music, FIFA
Diana Scurtu

Account Manager

Motto: You owe yourself to make the best out of everything that happens to you.

Diana is in charge of keeping a good relationship between the agency and its partners, therefore she contributes in creating and strengthening SEO Cupcake’s image. With a great ability of keeping pace with change and outside demands, Diana makes sure that each and every SEO Cupcake client has access to the necessary campaigns information. By doing so, SEO Cupcake clients are able to make the best decisions in what concerns online promotion.Project management is also part of her daily work schedule. This activity implies giving the development department all the necessary information so that successful projects can come true. She maintains a good connection between SEO Cupcake partners’ desires and the agency’s resources. Therefore, with calm and team spirit, Diana facilitates the workflow in the WEB development department.

Love top: Creation, Grace Kelly, Constantin Brancusi, accessories
Ionut Trufasu

SEO Adviser

His daily activity consists in a lot of documentation and specialized consultancy, activities which are always successful, due to his perseverance and self-control.

One of his best skills as a SEO Adviser is the attention for details and his look-out for the specific needs of each client. This is how, with a lot of organization and planning, but also using a transparency between him and the customers, Ionut manages to offer the best SEO consultancy for each of our company’s clients. Ionut works for SEO Cupcake from the company’s very beginning and he thinks that, for having success, you have to love what you are doing. Loving your job and what you are working day by day offers you endurance to stress and a lot of enthusiasm for innovating and obtaining performance.

Love top: Al Pacino, watches, football
Cristina Zeama

Co owner
Manager financial departament
Manager human resources

Motto: There are winners, there are losers and there are people who have not yet learned how to win

Cristina puts all the agency’s resources in move and she takes care of the best competences of the team to harmoniously merge with the material resources, so that the SEO Cupcake team can have the best results. She is persevering and she always gets what she wants by her agency activity. Her will is to bring the best of the company’s team. Cristina is exigent and she wants only performance from her SEO Cupcake team.

This is why she is always motivating them to get the best results together. Everytime, she is lifting the standards for the team, so that everybody can grow individually, but also as a team. This is why Cristina doesn’t make compromises when it comes to quality, the thing that brings success for all the team.

Love top: SEO Cupcake team, dogs, handbags, happiness
Andreea Alexandra Ilie

Graphic Designer

Motto: It is not important what you have to do. Is important what you want to do!

With fresh powers and full of enthusiasm, Andreea creates personalized visual elements, on the strength of some innovative and genuine concepts. Every banner and every web-site which contains her design is enriched with specific visual elements, depending on the promotion concept based on the target of that section.

Her creative spirit and the innovative imagination, which are kept under her magical digital wand, are breeding the most beautiful art-like elements. Using these attributes, Andreea is enriching every SEO Cupcake project, like promotion materials or the company’s portofolio. The quality and the good-taste of her design guarantees the success in all her visual marketing projects. This is how, the impact of each becoming brand is always a good one.

Love top: guitar, Sam (The perks of being a wallflower), Tadao Ando, creation
Cristian Ovidiu Bolocan

Head of SEO Department

Motto: Work until your idols become your rivals!

Cristao works with his team of SEO specialists for creating and optimizing different sites from the portofolio of SEO Cupcake company. His goal is to obtain performance for each site, by increasing the traffic and the conversion rate for each of this web-sites. He wants for this web-sites to be as much visited as possible and to reach the first position in the search engines results.

This is why Cristao became the engine of the SEO specialists team. He is the one who brings all of the team together and the one who wants to use all the qualities of his colleagues for getting only good results for each campaign he is leading.

The experience in the SEO domain and the impressive results obtained with his team are the best recommendations for the success of every compaign he is working for.

Love top: SEO, Matt Cutts, Macbook Pro, Heisenberg (Breaking Bad)
Ioana Floroiu


Motto: Who doesn’t find love, doesn’t find anything!

Ioana succeeds, using her craving for knowing and her perseverance, to manage all the SEO campaigns, all these for getting the results she wants. Caring about the most important details, Ioana treats all of her SEO campaigns’ aspects with seriousness, that such every client will obtain the required performances. In all her activity as a SEO specialist, Ioana does keyword research for the campaigns she is working for, performs link building, all these activities leading, in the end,  to better Google placements for the SEO Cupcake partners.Ioana loves working in the SEO Cupcake team, with creative and ambitious people and she loves the idea of evolving next to them, trying to reach only performance.

Love top: truthfulness, ideal, love, Tom and Jerry
Radan Lucian-Valentin

Web Programmer

Motto: Be the best from the best

Luci pays a lot of attention for details and he uses all his persistence for every project he is working for. These are some of his attributes which help him work hard for reaching his goal: to obtain the best performances. To identify and satisfy the needs of each website, he is using his analytic way of thinking and passion for good quality work. The result is always the same one: reaching the site's target.

Luci doesn't make compromises when it comes to design implementation or the structure of the sites and he dedicates all the necessary time for the results he wants to get. Constantly, with a lot of patience, he keeps in touch with our clients, for solving different kind of web development problems the clients are facing with.

Love top: trips, Dexter, Isaac Newton, computer
George Florin Brateanu

Web Programmer

Motto: Money can be spent, even lost but the mind fortune remains untouched if there will be health

The work as a web programmer that he carries out with SEO Cupcake team is to achieve web sites from scratch on WordPress platform type to start from a theme establishment and implementation of modifications to existing sites. When it comes to fulfilling tasks, Florin works with growth and meticulously to meet the deadlines in order to complete the projects he is working for and this gives him the most satisfying results every time! He is always ready to face new challenges and in this way, he develops the ability to retain new things in a very short time. This is why today he has become a connoisseur of HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, Wordpress. He also wishes that each of his projects was successful, so all the clients to be thankful. For this, he patiently follows all the indications and the advice of the web development team.

Love top: Osho, family, codes, unknowable
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About SEO

Nowadays, for being a real successful business, you need to stay online. But this is not enough, because the competition in the online medium is so big, in each domain, that the list of search engine results is endless. And we know that not everybody has time to browse to all eternity. Aditionally, more than half of the users don’t pass off the first page of all the search engines.

As a result, the fight is now between the businesses which want to be on the first page of the search engines results. So, for having your website one of the first results on any search engine, you need SEO.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (or the optimization for search engines) represents a mixture of integrated techniques which will help your website to become one of the first results of search engines. Thereby, SEO is an Internet Marketing Strategy and its main goal is to obtain and grow the targeted organic traffic. By increasing the number of the visitors for your web-site, SEO helps your business to have more tranzactions and conversions. It just depends on the type of business you have.

How is SEO able to help your business?

The classic advertising is much more costly and it doesn’t assure you the success. Instead of it, SEO targated techniques are very effective and they offer you countable and controllable results. After applying the optimization, to measure the results, we need some special tools, by which we can manage data like organic traffic, external links, quality traffic and, finally, the benefits.

The online campaigns (SEO, Google Adwords, Affiliation, Facebook Ads) are additional and only together they can maximize the number of visitors which is, in the end, the number of your clients. The SEO process implies a PR campaign, with a special content on niche web-sites for your business, a campaign which wants to communicate a desirable brand image. This kind of PR campaign can also reach your target.

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